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Pentepebble is a Hong Kong company that invests in Healthcare+ companies connected to the Greater Bay Area (GBA). From bench to bedside, zero to IPO, we help our companies (aka "pebbles") achieve milestones with rigor, virtue, and expediency.

The name Pentepebble is a compound of "Pente-" for five and "-pebble" for a small rock. This namesake expresses our Davidic ambitions of making five bets, but only needing one to take out the Goliaths of disease; one to return all our invested capital; one to become an infrastructural anchor for future Healthcare+ newcomers. And indeed, every one of our pebbles has the chance to defeat Goliath five times over.

Our ambitions are leveraged by our direct access to top healthcare funds and companies through our affiliates. We consider it our duty and privilege to create synergies between all our related entities.

Hong Kong Skyline

we stack pebbles.

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Rodrigo Y. C. YANG is Chairman of Grassland Finance Limited, an inclusive finance company focused in lending to micro, small and medium enterprises in mainland China. Founded in 2012, Grassland is a joint venture with Accion and the German Development Bank (DEG). In 2013, YANG also co-founded Serensia Woods, Greater China’s premier destination focused on improving its clients’ lifespan, healthspan, and wellbeing.

In 2002, YANG co-founded Sagamore Investments, a fund of funds platform investing in more than 100 funds with exposure to over 2,000 companies.




Emmanuel A. HUI was a co-founder of Moogene, a gene therapy company listed on the Korean stock exchange (322970.KS). After listing his first company, he joined Sagamore as a healthcare and life sciences specialist in 2019. Hui sits on the corporate Boards of Angene, Tonisity China, and EggLogics. HUI also serves as a Board Member of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority Central Institutional Review Board and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Biomedical Technology Development Advisory Panel.

HUI graduated from Dartmouth as a Senior Fellow in Chemistry.

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Adrian LAM is the Director of R&D and the Accelerator Program at Genesis Medtech, a medical technology platform that aims to streamline market access of new technologies in Asia Pacific and Greater China. Genesis has extensive manufacturing capabilities, with core competencies in minimally invasive surgery and robotics, interventional cardiology, neurovascular and interventional oncology.


LAM graduated from Duke with a BS in Biomedical Engineering and Economics




Dr. YIchen ZHANG is a venture scout and consultant based in Palo Alto.


ZHANG is a Resident Physician at Stanford and received his MD from the Harvard-MIT HST program. He did his undergrad at Dartmouth’s BME program and graduated as salutatorian.

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